Industrial and Commercial Electricians in the Riverina Area

Ellistricity are your reliable and speedy industrial and commercial electricians, servicing the Riverina area. Our highly qualified and experienced electricians provide a wide range of electrical services for your business. We deliver electrical service and solutions that work with your industrial and commercial requirements.

Our team of trustworthy tradesmen is keen and dedicated to providing all of your industrial and commercial electrical services. We can offer you everything from wiring, installation, and termination of mains and power supplies through to wiring VSD’s, distributed motor controls, DC motors, and starters.

We aim to provide you with the most up-to-date and innovative solutions for your business. We work closely with key suppliers to ensure we always deliver the latest technologies at a competitive price. We can provide you with quality products and expert knowledge, and you can rest assured we will always meet your emergency electrical repair needs – we understand that time down means money lost for your business.

Whatever your business – warehouses, shops, factories, restaurants, farms, workshops, or offices – we can provide professional advice based on our decade of experience. Whether you want to install complex industrial equipment or have lighting that is ideal for its purpose, we will listen to what you want and present you with cost-effective and energy-efficient solutions.

Some of the electrical services we can offer you include:


Our trained electricians install and maintain electrical switchboards. There is a significant risk of fire if electrical connections are not correctly terminated and conductors not correctly clamped, and our team ensures that they perform this work correctly and as safely as possible.

Testing and tagging

Our qualified and experienced commercial electricians can determine if your electrical appliances are safe for your employees to use.

They will do a visual inspection of the appliance looking for defects such as damage to the appliance or missing components, along with electrical testing which includes earth continuity, insulation resistance, and polarity. You need electrical tagging for appliances in the workplaces to ensure that the users of these electrical appliances are safe while using them.

Maintenance of contactors

Three phase power circuits, and single phase power circuits – prevention of electrical failures is one of your business’ best investments. Electrical failures cost you production time, leading to lost profit and possibly even danger to your employees. We can provide you with ongoing maintenance to give you peace of mind.

RCD & Circuit breakers

Our qualified and experienced commercial electricians can determine if your electrical appliances are safe for your employees to use.

Our electricians can install, maintain and repair RCD’s and circuit breakers and fuses for your business. Be assured that you will not have to be out of action long due to a fault constantly tripping of your circuits stopping power flow.

If you need additional circuits for your expanded electrical needs, our team can design and install an improved system for you, too.

Fault finding

Our team are experienced problem solvers. Call us for help when electrical systems break down.

Wiring, installation, and termination of mains and power supplies

We can meet all of your wiring needs, ensuring that you have sufficient electricity to meet your business needs. We can install 3-phase power for high power applications, and ensure that you are not underpowered.

Wiring of general equipment & socket outlets and lighting

Our dedicated electricians can help you direct your power to where you need it. We can install new power points in convenient locations, update your interior lighting, and wire your outdoor / storefront lighting

Factory relocations, disconnections and reconnections of plant equipment

If you are in the process of moving your factory into new premises, we can help ease your move. We can disconnect your important machinery at your old premises and reconnect them once you have repositioned it at your new site. We can rewire your new premises to meet your needs.

Field electrical equipment installation

Our team can take their expertise in electrical power systems into the real world in the wider Riverina area to support your project needs. We can install your specialized equipment and ensure that it starts first time every time.

Wiring cabling protection and support; replacements and upgrades

Our team can solve your cabling problems. We lay cable efficiently, in the best location, protecting it from accidental damage. We fix any wire or cable damage, for instance, if a contractor unearths an important power cable. We also replace your old wiring when it is necessary.

Wiring VSD’s, distributed motor controls, DC motors, and starters

Our well-trained electricians can meet all of your specialist wiring needs.

Ellistricity can take care of all your industrial and commercial electrical needs, so please contact us to discuss your requirements.