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Residential Electricians in the Griffith Area

Our team of trustworthy tradesmen is keen and dedicated to providing all of your residential electrical services. We can offer you everything from the wiring of your new home through to the rewiring of a faulty light switch in your bathroom.

Ellistricity are your reliable and efficient residential electricians, servicing the Griffith area. Our highly qualified and experienced electricians provide a wide range of electrical services for your home. We deliver electrical service and solutions that work with your architecture and home requirements.

We aim to provide you with the most up-to-date and innovative solutions for your home. We work closely with key suppliers to ensure we always deliver the latest technologies at a competitive price. We can provide you with quality products and expert knowledge, and you can rest assured we will always meet your electrical décor and performance expectations.

Some of the electrical services we can offer you include:

Energy Efficient LED Specialists

Ellistricity will advise on the best lighting technology available, which at the moment is LEDs.

LED technology has improved immensely over the last decade, and we are continually gaining access to new LED fittings. We can advise you on which of your light fittings can be modified with LED technology and provide you with models which could save you hundreds of dollars over their lifetimes.

Power points, dimmers, and switches

In recent years we have seen a huge increase in the use of electrically powered products. It is now essential to have a well-designed electrical system.

Ellistricity can help you with the installation of additional power points, dimmers, and switches. You can rest assured that your additional power points, dimmers, and switches are installed safely and to the highest standards.

Lighting plans

Ellistricity, provides a complete solution for your indoor and outdoor lighting needs throughout the Griffith area.

We follow correct lighting procedures that meet Government regulations, ensuring your safety. We focus on your lighting needs to create the right lighting solution for your comfort and entertainment.

Ceiling fans

Ellistricity is your residential ceiling fan installation electrician in the Griffith area. We both sell and install ceiling fans to reduce hot or cold spots in a room.

A good quality fan is a great way to keep the ideal temperature for comfort in your home year-round, without the expense of a full air conditioning system.

Repairing electrical ovens

Ellistricity provides repairs to electrical ovens and cooktops of all makes and models for clients across the Griffith area.

We use the best spare parts for a wide range of brands, ensuring our team of highly qualified electricians can promptly and safely repair stoves of different models.

Electrical hot water systems

Among the electrical services offered by Ellistricity is totally reliable hot water repairs. Our experienced team can make sure that you have hot water whenever you need it. Don’t endure a cold shower! We can have you enjoying piping hot water.

We can give you advice on the hot water system that best fits your requirements, as well as servicing or repairing your existing hot water system.

Electrical inspection

Our highly professional team can take care of any Electrical Inspection requirements you may have for safety or compliance purposes. We make the inspection process easy and straight forward.

Our focus is on ensuring your electrical safety, and any safety issues are discovered before you and your family have any chance of facing danger.

Wiring and rewiring

House, smoke alarms, TV, and phones. At Ellistricity, we provide both high-quality electrical wiring services for new homes and rewiring for existing properties across the Griffith area.

We understand how both builders and homeowners rely on our excellent workmanship, knowledge, and experience when it comes to wiring and rewiring their houses.

Ellistricity can take care of all your residential/domestic electrical needs, so please contact us to discuss your requirements